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The South Bay Gaming Club is a loose association of friends and acquaintances playing miniature wargames in the southern San Francisco Bay area.

We meet one Saturday a month from 10 am to 5 pm at the Prince of Peace church in Saratoga, California:
Fellowship Hall - Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
12770 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA
10 AM to 5 PM

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Upcoming Events

Members may submit a new event (or update/cancel an existing one) by sending an email to with the hashtag "#game" in the title. Please keep it short, and list the date, title, rules, description (brief), number of players, GM's name(s), and any special requirements (e.g. number of tables, please RSVP, etc.). Full instructions on this wiki page.

Tables available - eight 8x2.5', two 6x2.5', six to eight round

November 9

Planes on Sticks - Chuck Staedler.  To be announced.  (2 x 8 ft, 2 x 6 ft reserved)

(4 x 8' tables left - 6' tables - available from across the courtyard, round tables available

November 14-17
Fall In!  King of Prussia, PA

November 22-24
Conquest Avalon, McClellan Conference Center, Sacramento

December 7

Pre-emptive strike at Champagne-Marne, July 18, 1918 - French and US forces counter-attack the German defenses in the Marne salient.  TMWWBK (Fock supplement) rules.  Allied forces attack scattered German forces after the battle of Chateau-Thierry.  4-8 players.  Pete Michels

Supplements for barrages, tanks, AT guns, trench mortars, LMGs, etc..  (2 x 8 footers).

(6 x 8' tables left - 6' tables - available from across the courtyard, round tables available)

January 11
Escape from Arnhem - Collaborative game between players as they try to maneuver their paratroop units to escape the rubble and ruin of the city.  Germans are GM run. Find useful or dangerous people, weapons, and objects among the ruins as the player tries to get his units out. SOTCW rules (modified Rapid Fire and Solo Wargamers base rules) for the adventure through the city. Players have mixed platoons of Airborne, Glider, supply, ordinance, engineer, communications, HQ, etc. providing their units with varied capabilities.  3 to 5 players.  Pete Michels (2 x 8' tables reserved)

February 8
(no games scheduled yet)

March 14
(no games scheduled yet)

March 12-15, 2020
Cold Wars. Wyndham Lancaster Resort & Convention Center, Lancaster, PA

Memorial Day, May 22nd - 24th 🇺🇸

Enfilade! Olympia, WA

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