South Bay Gaming Club (SBGC)

The South Bay Gaming Club (SBGC) is a loose association of friends, acquaintances, and guests playing miniature wargames in the southern San Francisco Bay area. Members are military history buffs and generally play historical miniatures wargames, although sometimes science-fiction, fantasy, and board games are played also. Land, naval, and air wargames are played and some games are a mix of the genres.


Membership discussions include many aspects of the gaming hobby besides just the games. Interests include painting figures, building custom terrain, DIY model making, trading tips on collecting armies, etc. There is a marketplace for buying, selling, and trading.


Guests and drop-ins are welcome to visit the club, look around, meet the members and play a game.


We meet one Saturday a month from 10 am to 5 pm at the Prince of Peace church in Saratoga, California:
Fellowship Hall - Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
12770 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA
10 AM to 5 PM

Sometimes, meetings need to be canceled or moved to a new date due to changes in the church schedule.


To join the mailing list, send an email describing who you are to or just login to and click the button near the bottom to join.


Our newsletters are located in the files section at this link.

Upcoming Events

Members may submit a new event (or update/cancel an existing one) by clicking this link or sending an email to with the hashtag "#game" in the title. Please keep it short, and list the date, title, rules, description (brief), number of players, GM's name(s), number of tables you need, and any special requirements (e.g. "please RSVP", rules experience required, etc.). Click here for full instructions.


Tables Available: 8' x 2.5' tables, 6' x 2.5' tables, many 4' round tables


October 22 (Confimed)

Night Action Near Savo Island. Rules: Command at Sea, 4th Edition. Solomon Islands, Late 1942. The IJN’s Tokyo Express attempts to deliver reinforcements to Guadalcanal and bombard Henderson Field. The USN force is screening the Marine positions on Guadalcanal. This is a small Jumpstart scenario involving cruisers and destroyers. Command at Sea is a highly detailed set of naval rules for WWII. I am modifying the rules so that movement plotting is not necessary. I’ve had these rules since the 1st edition came out but never played them. So, this will be new to me. Players: 4. GM: Greg Wong  Special Requirements: Please RSVP. Bring a pencil, eraser, D100, and D6.
Tables required - 2 x 6 footers.

Mahdist Uprising in Colonial Sudan 1885 - British Expeditionary Force and their Allies will fight against a tidal wave of the Mahdi's Dervish army along the white Nile in co.  28mm miniatures, terrain, and dice are all provided. Rules System is Osprey's The Men Who Would Be Kings with slight modifications to enhance gameplay. 4 to 6 players (maybe up to 8). GM: Matt Hilzendrager. Please RSVP to hold a spot.

Prowess, Plunder, and Prizes. Oak & Iron. Can you hand, reef, and steer? Join us and sail for the English Crown or the Dutch republic and capture prizes for cash and advancement. A small fictional engagement set in the Anglo-Dutch wars. 1:600 scale. 4-6 players GM: Wes Dyer. All materials supplied.  GM: Wes Dyer Tables required - 2 x 6 footers.

August 1942: RAF Spitfires engage Luftwaffe Ju87s and Ju88s and their escort of Bf109s attempting to strike British shipping headed for Malta. Sky's the Limit! rules. GM Chuck Staedler. 2-5 players, please RSVP. I will bring tables.

VetCon, November 10-12
In Auburn, CA
Click here for schedule of games.

ConquestSAC, Nov 11-13
Four Points SAC Airport

November (date TBD)


Games - TBD


December (date TBD)


Triple Alliance Dreadnought Duel, 1914 - Before the Great War, Italy had agreed to join with Germany and Austria-Hungary in a big naval assault on France and Britain for control of the Mediterranean. This is a "what if" game of the Triple Alliance war plan: two multi-national battlefleets meet in the Western Mediterranean to fight a decisive naval battle - France and Britain on the Entente side, Italy and Austria-Hungary and (a few ships from) Germany on the Triple Alliance side. This will be a playtest with 1/6000 scale miniatures of the Si Vis Pacem WWI fleet action rules by David Manley, to see if they really can be used for a game as big as Jutland In A Day. Para Bellum! GM: Ix. RSVPs required.
Tables provided by GM.

Indian Mutiny game.  TMWWBK rules (The Men Who Would Be King). Up to 8 players.  GMS - Nick, Stephen, and Bob.
Four 6' x 2.5' tables (an additional round table would be helpful).
Players should bring their own D6s and rulers.

Trenton - AWI. Black Powder rules. Three American commanders and three Hessian commanders. I'm a little short of Hessians so some English will have to fill in for the Hessians. 6 players.
Tables required - 2 x 8 footers.

January (date TBD)


The Battle of Hook's Farm - Little Wars Rules. If you don't own a copy (and you should) you can read it here: The original wargame with 54mm miniatures and spring loaded cannon. We will be using cut down Q-Tips to save wear and tear on my figures. Please bring your own measuring devices. No dice required! Straw hats are optional but encouraged. 4 Players, please RSVP GM: Nick Stern
Tables required - 4 x 6-foot

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