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Anybody ever do a #DIY table periscope - (or know of a cheap one) 24 messages By Vonkluge (Bill Witthans) ·
Ft. Capuzzo 12 messages By David Love ·
Orange empty medicine plastic bottles for small parts #diy (free) By Peter Michels ·
#diy How to release trapped figures from solid super glue 8 messages By Chris Roberts ·
#diy I need tips on painting 3mm ACW troops 8 messages By Peter Michels ·
Experimenting with sealing duck canvas as a table mat (and #diy and #cvd19 hashtags simultaneously) By Peter Michels ·
CeramCoat acrylic paint - Joann's has current $1 for 2oz sale 10 messages By Peter Michels ·
Any modeling suggestions for making wood planking in 20mm? 10 messages By Peter Michels ·
Cat Litter - anybody need some for their terrain projects? 8 messages By Peter Michels ·
Does anyone have a Cricket or Cricket Air cutting machine? 6 messages By Peter Michels ·
Sealing the un-sewn edges of canvas without sewing? 9 messages By Ix Nichols ·
Painting White uniformed figures - suggestions? 9 messages By Charles W Li ·
#diy Top of home made ruins? 11 messages By Peter Michels ·
#DIY - securing figures for travel in a box - taping the figures down 2 messages By Aron Clark ·
#DIY - cleaning jeweler's files to get rid of residual lead flash 14 messages By Peter Michels ·
#diy - round bastard file for cleaning cavalry underside By Peter Michels ·
#diy - paint brush ear and tear 8 messages By Bob ·
#diy painting and assembling cannons process? 5 messages By Christopher Salander ·
Wood stirring sticks available at Home Depot By Peter Michels ·
#diy mass forests 5 messages By Charles W Li ·
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