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South Bay Gaming Club (SBGC)
The South Bay Gaming Club (SBGC) is a loose association of friends, acquaintances and guests playing miniature wargames in the southern San Francisco Bay area. Members are military history buffs and generally play historical miniatures with figures, although all genres of games, including science fiction, fantasy, and board games are played also.  Land, naval and sea war games are played and some games are a mix of the genres. Membership discussions include many aspects of the gaming hobby besides just the games.  Interests include painting figures, building custom terrain, DIY model making, trading tips on collecting armies, etc.  There is a market place for buying, selling and trading. Guests and drop-ins are welcome to visit the club, look around, meet the members and play a game. Our newsletters are located in the files section: *** The pandemic has impacted everyone including our club. We are required to play outdoors, wear masks, maintain social distancing and not share materials (e.g. dice and rulers). Sometimes, meetings need to be cancelled due to changes in the pandemic We're also not allowed to sing [we play at a church community center :-)]. *** We meet one Saturday a month from 10 am to 5 pm at the Prince of Peace church in Saratoga, California: *Fellowship Hall - Prince of Peace Lutheran Church* 12770 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA 10 AM to 5 PM To join the mailing list, send an email describing who you are to or just login to and click the button near the bottom to join. *Upcoming Events* ----------------- Members may submit a new event (or update/cancel an existing one) by sending an email to ( ) with the hashtag "#game" in the title. *Please keep it short* , and list the date, title, rules, description (brief), number of players, GM's name(s), and any special requirements (e.g. number of tables, please RSVP, etc.). Full instructions on this wiki page ( ). * * *(Eight - 8 x 2.5 foot tables available.  Two - 6 x 2.5 foot tables available) (Also, many 4 foot round tables) * *Note* - With the pandemic/apocalypse situation, access to additional 6 x 2.5 tables may be available across the court yard) *Please bring your own D6s and measuring devises. You will need 4 dice, at most.* *(Ed. Note - Wear a mask and no singing)* Apr 17 (Changed from the 10th) *Republican Romans vs. Samnites.* Tactica II. 4-6 players. Players should bring their own dice.   Reduced rulers will be provide. Doug Lange and Bob Burke GMs (Two - 6 x 2.5 foot tables) (Also, 1 x round table for setup) *Culloden April 16, 1746* (one day off from the date of the battle) in 54mm. "A Gentleman's War" by Howard Whitehouse Room for 4 players: 2 Highlanders, 2 Government Troops. QRS in the files section. Nick Stern GM Each player team needs 1 deck of playing cards with Jokers. (Three - 6x 2.5 foot tables) (We may need to get these from room 5 ) *The Last 15 Minutes of Episode IV.* Join Luke, Han, Chewie, Darth, and R2 for the epic conclusion of A New Hope.  The game will run 2-3 hours so this is for those of us who don't like to wear masks for a long time.  Rules will be X-Wing. Dave Love - GM (Two- 6x 2.5 foot tables) (We may need to get these from room 5 ) (An extra table for setting up) *Chipco's Days of Nights* *expansion for the Italian Wars* (15mm). Spanish and Italians against French/Swiss and Italians.   The Italian Wars were the transitional period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  This is not a historical refight. Bring all the dice you need (one d10) and a ruler.  4-6 players.  Hosted by Curtis Wright and Eric Lindberg, and Chip Harrison Two 6 'tables, . (Two- 6x 2.5 foot tables) May 8 No games scheduled. Jun 12 No games scheduled.
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