SBGC Meeting - Sat, 09/19/2020 10:00am-5:00pm #cal-reminder Calendar <club@...>

Reminder: SBGC Meeting

When: Saturday, 19 September 2020, 10:00am to 5:00pm, (GMT-07:00) America/Los Angeles

Where:Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (12770 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA)

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Inkerman - The Soldier's Battle.  Black Powder Rules.
In an effort to break the siege of Sevastopol, the Russians launched a massive infantry attack on the British weak spot. The role of troops fighting mostly on their own initiative due to the foggy conditions during the battle has earned the engagement the name "The Soldier's Battle".
6 Players. Nick Stern. 20mm Scale (Surprise!)

Bring your own D6s and Rulers/Tape-Measures

Napoleonic Naval Battles “Form on the Admirals’ Wake” (modified by Bob Bergman)
2 to 8 players each commanding a 3 or 4 ship squadron. GM Bob Bergman
Everything provided.  If you can, bring your own dice:  8 X d6,  1 X d12.    No rulers or tape measures required.
For those who don’t have dice, I will bathe sets in sanitizer before the game.

Peter Michels

The meeting will be on the outside off of Cox avenue near the playground equipment.

We have the parking area (one way in off of Cox) and the small utility driveway.

Here is the satellite view from Google.

Please enter from Cox and turn left into either the first driveway for the south parking lot OR the second driveway and park near Cox.

I will wait for Bob and Nick to arrive and we can determine where they want to put up their tables.

Chairs are available and 6 foot tables are available from room 5. (or we might have to grab some chairs from the community room).
The uni-sex bathrooms are available from the courtyard walkway (I think between rooms 4 and 5).

All other previous rules remain in place.

Masks required, don't share materials, maintain 6 feet whenever possible.

Been thinking of changing the title from "President/Director" to "RingMaster".  But, we program managers at 3Com used to say "If you don't know how to juggle, don't join the circus".

See you tomorrow,